University of Wisconsin–Madison



portrait photo of Ben Hagen

Ben Hagen

Head of Corporate Information Security, Facebook

portrait photo of Rebecca Wynn

Rebecca Wynn

Head of Information Security & Data Protection Officer, Matrix Medical Network

Introduction & Closing Remarks

photo of Bob Turner

Bob Turner

Chief Information Security Officer and Director, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Technical track presenters

portrait photo of Kevin Cheek

Kevin Cheek

IT Security Incident Response Lead, University of Michigan

portrait photo of Matt Coons

Matthew Coons

IT incident Responder and Threat Analyst, University of Michigan

portrait photo of Jesse Dean

Jesse Dean

Senior Director of Solution Division, TDI

portrait photo of Russell From

Russell From

Network Security Engineer, US Cellular

portrait photo of Martin Holste

Martin Holste

Chief Technical Officer for Cloud, FireEye

portrait photo of Jamie Levy

Jamie Levy

Director of Content Development, Tanium

portrait photo of Nate Regola

Nate Regola

Principal Consultant focused on Cloud and Information Security

portrait photo of Joel Rosenblatt

Joel Rosenblatt

Director of Computer and Network Security, Columbia University

Strategic track presenters

portrait of Chuck Benson

Chuck Benson

Assistant Director for IT, Facilities Services at University of Washington

portrait photo of Jan Cheetham

Jan Cheetham

Research Cyberinfrastructure Liaison, University of Wisconsin–Madison

portrait photo of Christopher Hickernell

Christopher Hickernell

Security Architect

portrait photo of Tom Jordan

Tom Jordan

Technical Architect for the Identity and Access Management Services, University of Wisconsin–Madison

portrait photo of Wesley McPherson

Wesley McPherson

Research Director, Info-Tech Research Group

portrait photo of Kevin Shivers

Kevin Shivers

Assistant Director of IT Security, University of Maryland

Portrait photo of Bertrand Sobesto

Dr. Bertrand Sobesto

Senior IT Security Engineer, University of Maryland

Heather Stratford portrait

Heather Stratford

Founder and CEO, Stronger International, Inc.

portrait photo of Stephan Wahe

Stefan Wahe

Associate Chief Information Security Officer, University of Wisconsin‑Madison

Lockpick Village

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Aaron Cahn

Senior Data Scientist, comScore

portrait photo of Kevin Springborn

Kevin Springborn

Software Engineer, Google