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Kashmir Hill

Technology Reporter, The New York Times

Kashmir Hill portrait

Kashmir Hill is an investigative journalist, focusing on privacy and technology. She specializes in first-person reporting, which has led her to live on Bitcoin, turn her apartment into a “smart home,” cut the tech giants from her life, and create a fake business and buy it a sterling online reputation.

Hill will be joining The New York Times as a technology reporter at the end of July. Previously, she has worked for Gizmodo Media Group, Fusion, Forbes Magazine, and Above the Law. Her 2016 story, “How an Internet Mapping Glitch Turned a Kansas Farm into a Digital Hell,” received an honorable mention from the National Press Club. Her 2018 story, “The House That Spied on Me,” won the Best Use of Technology Award from the National Press Foundation.

She is based in New York.

Opening Keynote: The Digital Cage

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