University of Wisconsin–Madison


Strategic Track

Internet Of Things Considerations In Building The Future Of Cybersecurity

Chuck Benson, Assistant Director for IT, Facilities Services at University of Washington
Jan Cheetham, Research Cyberinfrastructure Liaison, UW–Madison

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A Call For Experts

Christopher Hickernell, Security Architect

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Identity And Security — Working Together To Establish A Secure Infrastructure

Stefan Wahe, Associate Chief Information Security Officer, UW–Madison
Tom Jordan, Technical Architect for the Identity and Access Management Services, UW–Madison

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The Cyber Tsunami: Current Trends In Cybersecurity

Heather Stratford, Founder and CEO, Stronger International

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Paying It Forward: Educating The Next Generation Of The IT Security Workforce

Kevin Shivers, Assistant Director of IT Security, University of Maryland
Dr. Bertrand Sobesto, Senior IT Security Engineer, University of Maryland

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Security Scientists: Applying Scientific Mindset To Security Decision Making

Wesley McPherson, Research Director, Info-Tech Research Group

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Technical Track

Taking Memory Forensics To The Next Level

Jamie Levy, Director of Content Development, Tanium

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An Anatomy Of A Cloud Hack: Detecting And Responding To Adversaries In The Cloud

Martin Holste, Chief Technical Officer for Cloud, FireEye

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MITN Insulating The University Of Michigan From Attack

Matthew Coons, IT incident Responder and Threat Analyst, University of Michigan

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GULP: Do You Really Know Who Your Users Are?

Joel Rosenblatt, Director of Computer and Network Security, Columbia University

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Micro And Nano-Segmentation: Lessons Learned From The Field, Thoughts On The Future

Russell From, Network Security Engineer, US Cellular

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Filling The Gap Between GRC And SEIM — A View Toward The Future Of True “Security Posture” Monitoring And Management

Jesse Dean, Senior Director of Solution Division, TDI
Nate Regola, Principal Consultant focused on Cloud and Information Security

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