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Lockdown 2019

Technology & Cybersecurity Conference

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 | Monona Terrace Convention Center, Madison WI

This is Lockdown

Join other cybersecurity and information technology professionals to learn and collaborate on cutting edge topics impacting the industry. Living in a Cyber World is the conference theme this year. It will address the challenges we face as more devices make up our cyber world. How do we balance our need and expectation of convenience with the possible loss of privacy and protection? What are possible solutions to fix or address these increasing vulnerabilities?

The conference keynotes and concurrent sessions will provide a wide variety of topics that address both the technical and strategic nature of cybersecurity. A new half-day track called Cybersecurity Basics will cover essentials for novices who wish to learn more about protecting their digital identity.

Keynote Presenters

Kashmir Hill

Kashmir Hill

Technology Reporter,
The New York Times

Tara Hughes portrait

Tara Hughes

Manager of Administrative Services,
California State University Channel Islands

What’s included?

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Full Conference Session

  • Full-day conference
  • Breakfast, lunch, and refreshments
  • Conference gift bag
  • Access to Lock Pick Village and Cybersecurity Training Lab
  • 6 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits

Full Day Schedule

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Cybersecurity Basics Half-day Conference Session

  • Half-day conference
  • Breakfast and refreshments
    (Note: Does not include lunch)
  • Conference gift bag
  • Access to Lock Pick Village

Basics Schedule

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